Company: Osborne
Location: Dublin, Dublin


A new opportunity has opened with our client for an experienced Quality, Risk and Compliance Manager. This person will have responsibility for the implementation of the governance framework and will work closely with key management and staff and external stakeholders, fostering and promoting an organisation-wide practice of continuous quality improvement and compliance across all operational services.


  • Responsible for ensuring all required certifications are achieved: PCI-DSS, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001, ISO27001, Data Protection legislation and GDPR
  • Establish and maintain systems to ensure compliance across all services with relevant legislation, regulations, contractual obligations, frameworks and with Policies, Standards and Procedures
  • Provide ongoing information, communications and training to ensure that staff develop knowledge, skills and competencies in continuous quality improvement, compliance and risk management
  • Build and maintain an effective network of relevant stakeholders
  • Liaise with relevant stakeholders to identify and remediate new and outstanding issues; track security-related issues in the electronic GRC related tools
  • Ensure that the internal and external governance requirements for the compliance function are met
  • Support risk management with the documentation, workflow, assessment and analysis, reporting and remediation of risks
  • Managing Business Continuity Planning / Disaster Recovery
  • Supports internal auditors in managing work papers and scheduling audit-related tasks, time management and reporting


  • Strong understanding of regulations, legislation and quality standards
  • Demonstrates a high level of Managerial and Leadership skills. 
  • Proven track record and relevant qualifications and experience working in a similar role 
  • An understanding of the processes involved in auditing, monitoring and recording compliance 
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Professional Governance/Risk Management membership a plus
  • Quality Assurance Standard and knowledge of GDPR, PCI-DSS, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001, ISO27001 is a must. 


For a more comprehensive job description and confidential conversation on this opportunity please call Sinéad Connolly at 0419865058 or email