Company: Ace Cleaning Company
Location: Leicester, Midlands








January 2020


The Operations Manager will have full responsibility for the supply of cleaning services to all customers of Ace Cleaning.


At present this consists of approximately 120 sites and almost 250 employees in the Leicester, Loughborough, Hinckley, Coventry and Leamington area. These employees at present work various times of day from 5.00 am to 9.00 pm and whilst the average working shift is between 2 or 3 hours some do work as long as 8 hours per day. And although weekend work is kept to a minimum it has to be a consideration and availability at short notice will be a requirement.




  • Overall management of commercial cleaning services.
  • Implementation of strategies as directed by the Commercial Director.
  • Ensuring that all sites are cleaned in accordance with specifications and more importantly customer requirements.
  • Weekly plans to be presented in a timely manner that ensure continuance of service to all customers. Ensuring that all sites are covered by competent personnel.
  • The co-ordination of the supply of all necessary information to ensure that wages are calculated accurately.
  • Recruitment, training and on going management of Contract Managers.
  • Supporting Contracts Managers, in general you will be expected to spend at least one working shift with each Manager during there time out on site per week.
  • Quality Auditor:- to ensure congruence of expectations you will also be required to spend at least one working shift with the Quality Auditor per month.
  • Control of wage budgets and assist in the preparation of budget reports.ensure that all weekly plans and attendance logs are completed in a timely manner in line with policy and procedure.
  • The continued implementation and control of Easy Log telephone logging in system.
  • Ensuring that all customers receive value for money.
  • The on going maintenance of customer relations and ensuring that customers issues are ratified as quickly as possible.
  • Customer Liaison – manage and under take customer liaison visits as stated in the updated schedule.
  • Compliance with all company policy’s and procedures and instructions given by the Commercial Director.
  • Deliver reports as required on time and professionally and coherently presented.
  • Attend regular management meetings and report directly to the Commercial Director as he requires. To also keep him informed on a daily basis of any difficulties or deviations to normal operating practices.
  • From time additional work will be required for special cleans, and or “one off jobs”. At the discretion of the Commercial Director you will be made responsible for any additional temporary projects.
  • Any other duties that you are deemed capable of by the Commercial Director.





Hours of work & Availability: –


Due to the nature of the business and the hours worked the manager must be completely flexible in their hours of work. The total number of hours worked per week should not exceed 40 on a regular basis. However you must be available at all times.


You will also be required to cover work normally carried out by other managers during periods of absence.


Whilst there are resources to cover the day to day management and supervision of all contracts so that customer requirement can be met in full it is generally accepted that additional management back up during cleaning times will be required. Furthermore in times of staff shortages management will be required to take a “hands on” approach. This position will involve working long and unsociable hours. The Manager could be out early in the mornings as well as out late at night. In addition to carrying out normal management duties you will be required to “pitch in” to ensure that all sites are cleaned to the agreed specifications.


Also company policy will dictate the number of hours each supervisor will receive in additional support from the management. This support will take the form of a manager spending time with each supervisor visiting sites, staff and or customers. This time will be in addition to normal day to day contact.


Performance measurement:-


Performance will be measured on a number of key issues.


  • General ability to ensure sites and customers receive a quality service.
  • Implementation of agreed strategies.
  • Your ability to supply this service in line with company policy and procedures.
  • The implementation and strict adherence to company policy and procedures.
  • Meeting customer requirements.
  • Control and management of wage budgets. Not only ensuring overspends do not occur but also your ability to make savings.
  • Management of customer relations.
  • Contracts lost and extra work carried out.
  • Staff turnover and time taken to fill vacancies.





This position will command an annual salary of £25,000 to £32,000


A company vehicle and mobile will be supplied.


25 days paid holidays per annum plus statutory bank holidays.





Applications should be made in the strictest confidence to:


Melvyn Booley

Ace Cleaning Company

2 Friars Mill

Bath Lane




Applications must include a full, bespoke resume and covering letter. Standard web based applications will be disregarded.