Company: Tube Crush
Location: London




What is it?

Tube Crush is a new Dating App specifically for Londoner’s.

It’s fully designed, validated and ready to be brought to life. The general response to the concept and designs has been phenomenal so far so we’re looking to bring our MVP to life.

We have a Pitch Deck ready to send outlining the entire project as well as all the development ready designs within a Sketch file.

What we need:

We’re looking for a developer to come on as a CTO or to be a co-founder with us depending on experience.

This is a truly fun, simple and something that has potential to raise a lot of attention.

We assure you this is something you’ll want to be a part of.

Current Feedback:

“This is a brilliant concept and I would definitely download it.”

“Love the idea”

“Love the design layout and the idea”

“I just discussed the idea with my team and we think it’s phenomenal – what a clever idea!”

“I’ve tried almost all the dating apps out there, but the concept behind this one is just brilliant.”

“Absolutely love the idea. People will definitely use it.”

‘I’d definitely try this out”

Developer Requirements:

  • IOS Swift/Obj C Or React Native.

  • Familiar with Location based API’s.

  • Be able to create a beautiful UX experience.

  • Be passionate about building things!

Who are we?

We’re two co-founder’s:

A Mobile App Designer/Creative strategist and a Digital Marketing Expert/Influencer with a perfect balance of skills, experience and a fantastic network of Influencer’s and publishers to make this truly brilliant. We just need the final person to complete our early stage team.

As opposed to outsourcing we’d prefer this to be team effort and have someone with a real shared passion come on-board.

We’re also in talks with investors and partners that will be enormously beneficial in hitting a mass market for the App.


Please say Hi and tell us a little bit about yourself and what you’re looking for along with your CV highlighting any relevant experience.

We really look forward to speaking with you.

Based in London.

No Agency or Outsourcing opportunities will be considered.

Thank you!