Company: Modern Influencers
Location: Oslo




We are looking for a person to be a part of our company that wants to take part as CTO. This includes helping us with the idea, be a resource and guide us in the technological part of our business. Our team currently lacks a person with technological experience the ability to develop the front-and backend part of the business.

What we are looking for in a CTO:

  • A person that is able to find developers and be a system architect. Our CTO also needs to be a programmer.
  • Need to have extensive experience with databases and be confident in how to build up a platform with several services and solve problems that may arise.
  • Preferably needs to be located in Oslo, Norway
  • A person who really wants to make a difference and build a business from scratch

As a compensation for your work we can offer either equity partnership or a fixed payment for the assignment.

Feel free to contact us for more information or questions.