Company: Repairable
Location: Oslo



Repairable is a B2B tool for the fashion industry to ensure a more circular business, less textile waste, and a strong brand position on sustainability. Any brand that takes their CSR responsibility seriously is a member at Repairable.

Recycling, Repair, Reuse, Reduce etc are on the agenda for EU to ensure that the ressources are taken care of by the brands and retailers. This is happening, repair will be obvious and easy in the future of retail, and we are taking the lead to deliver the service the flow of goods, ensuring a seamless experience and a longer life of each garment or pair of sneakers, as well as collecting data and improving design and customer service in the future.

Your role is to own the platform product, think big, set priorities in development, guide programmers, develop customer journey and the system for scaling.

Customers, partners and members today is H&M, Helly Hansen, COS, Miinto and others.

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