Company: BP
Location: Hamburg


Job profile summary:

Purpose of the role:

The Electrification Engineering Delivery Manager has a delivery and execution role and is responsible for the technical, system architecture and engineering support of the project outlined above-mentioned. The job holder will be in liaison with the Engineering support at AMU and will follow guidance / approval from both the AMU and S&OR within the project organisation. In line with the agreed strategy and program planned, the role is to ensure that all underlining technical or engineering items of the project is well covered, safe, well-engineered as per the state-of-art. The job holder is also to identify bottlenecks and misconception in the scoping phase as well as to identify the right partners for further timely and economic delivery. All activity under the responsibility will need to be performed in a cost consciousness spirit as well as a key contribution to future economics and profitability.
The job holder will be responsible of the technical / engineering topics related during procurement phases of the project and will have to work / support the procurement and legal teams especially on optimum specifications with as clear boundaries as possible in terms of technical and engineering items as well as to identify risks. The job holder will be permanently synchronising with S&OR resources to ensure all projects are HSSE covered.


  • Identify key engineering technology, both in Hardware and Software solutions, for the optimum delivery of the project as well as set of potential partners and suppliers in accordance with BP E&C rules. (Ethics and Compliance)
  • Anticipate on future standards and technology to optimize time and materials substance of any projects.
  • Understand, help to define and apply the predefined technical / architectural rules of AMU/ Electrical vehicles
  • Comply with S&OR rules and support / advise S&OR on specific anticipated move or trends
  • Contribute to the success of the project and support the Project Manager to help deliver the project in due time and in the best economic ways both on the supplier side as well as on the Run side. Alert the project manager, AMU program manager and S&OR on any identified risks within his / her responsibility.
  • Support BP Germany Roll-out on all relevant technology, engineering and S&OR workstreams.
  • Interactions or contribute to negotiations with Distribution Network Operators/Distribution System Operators and Transmission System Operators.


Appropriate technical academic studies or postgraduate studies

Experience and Expertise:

  • A thorough understanding of the Electric Vehicle Value chain from the infrastructure perspective in AC and DC charger from low charging speed to high power charging.
  • A strong experience in terms of track record on delivering actual projects or in supporting complex Project management involving both Hardware and Software solutions in the EV infrastructure world.
  • A strong understanding of the standards and protocols of the industry
  • A good understanding of the Hardware and software components such as Inverters, plugs, cables, screen, isolation, electrical grid regimes (for the Hardware part) and such as supervision systems from back office to front office and payment systems (not exhaustive list)
  • A good understanding of the main battery technologies from cells to packs and to BMS, and the risks associated with Battery technology both in car and stationary.
  • A good understanding of storage solutions
  • A strong understanding of Grid access constraints and High voltage / Medium Voltage connections.
  • A good understanding of Grid code requirements
  • A good understanding of Earthing requirements required to meet local HV and LV installation standards
  • Understanding Microgrid and Smart Grid concept and general design.
  • Fluent in German and English

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