Company: The 1959 Group of Charities
Location: Blackburn



Part-time, Temporary



Position: Shop Manager could be full/part time/flexible

Location: Blackburn Cathedral

Reporting to: Area Manager

Context and purpose of the job

Shop managers carry out the day-to-day tasks required for the smooth operation of Cards for Good Causes (CFGC) shops during the trading season. Shop managers are responsible for shop set-up, recruiting volunteers and organising rotas, maintaining adequate stock levels, presenting a tidy shop, daily banking, assisting with publicity tasks and keeping accurate paperwork. All tasks are to be performed as agreed in advance with the RO/AO/LO and in accordance with CFGC’s operational procedures.

CFGC places great emphasis on providing quality service to its member charities and customers alike. The post-holder will play an integral role in this process by ensuring that his/her shop is operated according to operational procedures. The post-holder will be a key point of contact for customers and local volunteers and will be expected to work closely with the RO/AO/LO.


1. Publicity: Assisting RO/AO/LO with publicity tasks

2. Volunteers:

  • Ensuring volunteers are contacted on list provided by Head Office
  • Utilising volunteers whenever possible
  • Recruiting additional volunteers as necessary
  • Contacting RO/AO/LO if difficulty is experienced in recruiting the volunteers needed
  • Creating a rota indicating names of volunteers and scheduled shifts
  • Maintaining a detailed list including name, address, phone number, organisation affiliation and total hours worked for each volunteer
  • Obtaining permission from new volunteers for personal details to be kept on file in accordance with the Data Protection Act
  • Ensuring that volunteers understand and follow all proper operational procedures.

3. Set Up Shop:

  • Deciding on a suitable layout with RO/AO/LO
  • Setting up tables and covering them with cloths
  • Setting up, labelling and filling display boxes with cards
  • Displaying Christmas goods
  • Ensuring till is working
  • Creating a shop Day File
  • Displaying insurance certificate and credit/debit card notice
  • Adding seasonal decorations, whilst remaining sensitive to the wishes of the host organisation
  • Any other tasks that are necessary to prepare the shop for trading

4. Stock:

  • Keeping card boxes tidy
  • Checking stock levels daily and maintaining appropriate stock levels
  • Maintaining Stock Record Sheets
  • Reordering stock when necessary
  • Forwarding stock paperwork to RO/AO/LO

5. Banking:

  • Maintaining petty cash book and VAT receipts
  • Ensuring shop has adequate float
  • Daily banking
  • Forwarding banking paperwork to Head Office and RO/AO/LO

6. Maintaining regular contact with RO/AO/LO with regard to sales totals and stock levels either by email or telephone.

7. Ensuring that paperwork is completed accurately and returned on time to Head Office and RO/AO/LO both during and at the close of the trading season

8. Ensuring that the shop is cleared completely at end of trading season

9. Participating in debrief meeting with RO/AO/LO.
Be prepared to:

  • Discuss strengths and weaknesses of site
  • Identify any problems you experienced with operational procedures