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Company Description

Innovation, disruptive innovation, technology era, the new economy, fast moving, new organization concepts, open innovation, flexible workforce, highly specialized knowledge workers,etc. Is this the world you want to get involved in? Are you ready to take your own intellectual development in your own hands rather than following others?

When you think like that we want to meet youurgently, and become a part of our worldwide organization, Areopa.

AREOPA is an organizational disrupter of the financial world and the financial systems. These are usually based on classical cost accounting which is based on the past and present of the manufacturing organization with “ fixed assets “. Today’s organizations don’t have fixed assets anymore and knowledge has become their most valuable asset, which is used to build for the future.

At AREOPA (founded in 1989 and since then disrupted 6 times ourselves), We understand this and developed algorithms to monetize all the “intangible assets” of an organization.

AREOPA developed a fully new consolidated with the classical cost accounting system, all in line with the IAS/IFRS standards. More than 100 Application areas in 4 different markets (commercial, academics, social economy and on governmental level) explain to entrepreneurs how to use this new management information that devolves the hidden wealth of an organization. Managing the IC implementation with a focus largely beyond product development (IPR) but also focusing on business modelling & commercialization development. We are creating the management of the total supply chain of the implementation of IC. The creation of an “ intellectual asset bank “ who will give up to 100% guarantee to financiers, develop a chain IC accountants and IC audit companies. Train the worldwide regulators, adapt the GAAP’s etc. to name a few.The fact that we at AREOPA developed all this made us the worldwide leader in the field of intellectual capital monetization.

Do you want to work in a very special international environment based on the latest development in the disruptive organization models. Triggered? Interested? How come we then never met you before? So take this one time change to embark with us on our journey to change the financial world.

Areopa in search of ‘Excelleration’…

We are looking for Regional Strategic alliance managers

You will be doing networking, building our network, collect data of potential clients, define action plans to approach new clients, and so much more. Part of this role is that you know how to go out in the real world with the knowledge of Areopa. You will create new customer relationships and help the existing once, so we can grow as an organization. Can you take the challenge? We are looking to fill this position in the following regions

We offer

No certainty, No pampering mentality, No hierarchy, No bosses, But rather good teamwork, endless possibilities for your talents and creativity to progress in any way you want. A variety of interesting customers with highly intellectual challenges. A theoretical and practical training and financial rewards in line with your results! Get paid for your productivity!


No specific degree, but talent and a healthy mindset with a lot of dedication. Location is not important. Do you share this ambition? Are you a ‘true entrepreneur’? Then we are looking for you! Due to our growth, we need for the following regions: North-America, Canada, Latin-America, SoutheastAsia, Middle East, Central Europe, West-Europe, South-Europe, Nordics, Central Asia, China, India, Russia, Africa, Maghreb, etc.

If all this resonates with you and you have a proven track record of commercial results, we are eager to meet you.

Send your CV to our head of HR we look forward to hearing from you!

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Commission