Company: BOEING
Location: Göteborg



Leads others and directs all phases of assigned cross-organizational or business unit projects demonstrating proficiency in all project management areas in accordance with accepted project management standards in the industry (e.g., PMI, Project Management Body of Knowledge [PMBOK], ANSI, and ISO standards). Oversight, and management responsibility (including performance mgmt & reporting) for a portfolio of medium to large projects in support of the business unit’s (i.e., BCA, BDS, SSG) goals and objectives. Identifies key stakeholder project specific objectives and requirements. Ensures assigned individuals are executing the identified and assigned tasks and providing appropriate tracking and reporting per plan. Negotiates regulatory parameters in support of domestic and international projects with local, state, federal and international governmental agencies. Authorizes baseline plans and revisions. Provides in-depth analysis of project culminating with lessons learned and historical reports for incorporation into future project plans. Consults with executive leadership and integrates organizational strategy and company initiatives to develop project deliverables.
Areas of emphasis may include, but are not limited to: Adherence to and utilization of the Boeing Program Management Best Practices. Leads the preparation, development and coordination of highly complex or difficult integrated plans and schedules to meet all business offers (e.g., acquisitions, proposals) and project/program execution objectives. Leads the integration and schedule impact analysis of highly complex and/or multiple schedule changes. Recommends, deploys and monitors the application of configuration management disciplines at all levels.
Applies companywide and industrywide subject matter expertise in the development of new processes for enterprise application. Directs development and integrate projects into business plans. Provides guidance to project team leaders on large scale projects and manages key company projects. Acts as a technical consultant to teams and advises senior and executive management regarding project management industry development and practices for incorporation into company project management policy and practices. Manages multiple projects of enterprise significance across business units.
Establishes project control system requirements for the project which integrates project data for decision makers. Analyzes integrated project data for an understanding of project impact items (e.g., trade-offs among cost, schedule, quality, risk) and advises decision makers on course of action. Authorizes workaround plans and schedules recovery plans, alternative options or scenarios, resource capacity plans, risk mitigation plans or re-base line the project as required at the project level and ensures that they are reflected in the project plan. Responds to project risks and opportunities. Leads the development of mechanisms for establishing, monitoring and integrating project elements, product configuration and communications concerning both change management processes and decisions by project managers, line managers and customers to meet enterprise objectives.

Leads project objectives and deliverables. Provides guidance to the team on the compilation and assembly of status and progress reports. Assembles recommendations from project team concerning workarounds, recovery plans and work scope changes, etc. Presents project status to steering committee, senior management, project sponsor and/or other stakeholders.

Oversees/chairs Program level change implementation board operations and deliberations to facilitate stakeholder agreement and commitment. Authorizes program level resources on unusually complex or difficult work packages by obtaining approvals from stakeholders.
Oversees projects ensuring status and progress reports meet designated enterprise and industry standards. Advises project teams regarding possible workarounds, recovery plans and work scope changes. Consults with steering committee, senior management, project sponsor and/or other stakeholders regarding the interpretation of workarounds, recovery plans and work scope changes, etc. Provides to senior management, business unit and enterprise reporting status and progress pertaining to multiple projects occurring within a business unit or across the enterprise.
Provides direction and interpretation on program/project documents, including: Deliverables List, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM), and Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS). Consults on multi-disciplinary program baseline change implementation plans.

Leads the creation of highly complex schedule products. Leads the collection of work statement, sequence, required inputs and products, expected durations and creates a schedule. Integrates the plans and coordinates with stakeholders.

Reviews highly complex proposed or authorized changes (ie: Work statement, Budget, Schedule, etc) for completeness and accuracy and determines the impact on the applicable planning and scheduling baselines. Ensures revision control of integrated program plans and schedule documents
Provides expertise and leadership in developing, integrating and maintaining the Integrated Master Schedule (IMS). Serves as enterprise-wide subject matter expert to lead, develop and baseline the integrated Master Plan (IMP) on highly complex programs